Know Thyself

Briseis: Why choose this life? The Life of a great warrior?

Achilles: I chose nothing. I was born and this is what I am.

“Know Thyself.” What does it mean to you to live a good life? You must know the answer before you can move forward as the ultimate expression of what you are and who you will become. What you can be, you MUST be.

Suffering is separation from that which you desire. So then, the only way to not suffer is to not desire. This is detachment. Detachment doesn’t mean you don’t have goals or feelings, it means the goals will come to you when you do the things that they require as an expression of your true self, not because you desire the outcomes. The reward of pursuing goals is not what you get, it’s who you become.

Focus on perfecting the journey, not reaching the destination. Fulfillment is not some distant shore you will someday reach, it is the North Star that guides your journey through life, a byproduct of doing the things that you are made for…what were you made for?


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