Hi! I’m Will.

The face behind wesimmons.com, and I obsess about all things AI related. If you’re here, maybe you do, too. My journey into technology started at the Noble Laser Lab in Stillwater, OK, during a summer internship at Oklahoma State University when I was 17. The first programming language I learned was FORTRAN.

With a background in IT Systems Design, I aim to provide insightful, honest content that helps my audience make informed decisions. My mission is to demystify the world of AI and offer real value through my carefully selected affiliate products. When I’m not researching the latest AI Tools and Trends, I love landscaping and hanging out with the love of my life who calls me Billy. Feel free to connect with me on my socials (they’re posted around here somewhere) or drop a message – I’m always excited to engage with fellow AI enthusiasts!

About Me

I AM IRONMAN! In my dreams.

I grew up in a quaint Oklahoma town, the child of a teacher and an industrial electrician. Today, my home is just outside Washington, D.C. From an early age, I had a knack for dismantling things and, more often than not, successfully reassembling them. Football and academics were my strong suits in school. Post-graduation, I embarked on a journey to the US Air Force Academy.

After an intense four-year stint, I earned a degree in human factors systems and design, a field that merges human and machine into one cohesive system. I was always fascinated by Tony Stark, with JARVIS being my initial foray into the world of AI. In the Air Force, I was exposed to some of the most advanced technology you can imagine – and some you probably can’t. This experience ignited my deep-seated passion for technology, particularly artificial intelligence. Along the way I picked up a finance degree to work in fintech and an MBA. My Dad says I have, “more degrees than a thermometer”. I say I have 3 too many.

My Experience

Chief AI Officer – 2020 to Present

As the Chief AI Officer for Biontic Services US, I am responsible for helping companies leverage AI tools to remain competitive, and teach employees to become AI adjacent and AI co-pilots. I take pride in being able to synthesize mountains of data and developments on new AI tools. I believe those that are comfortable with AI and use it as a force multiplier, will fair much better as the labor and capital markets adjust to the new AI reality. “I for one welcome our new AI overlords.” /s

Sr Systems Analyst – 2012 to 2019

As a Senior Systems Analyst with over a decade of experience in the technology sector, my expertise was conducting in-depth system analyses, leading cross-functional teams in the design and deployment of complex software applications, and ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure. I translated complex technical requirements into actionable strategies, and my commitment to staying abreast of the latest industry trends allowed me to deliver cutting-edge solutions. I worked mostly in LEAN developments and the elimination of waste processes.

Military Officer – 1995 to 2012

During my time as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer, I spent a good deal of my time developing new weapon systems and the tactics to use them for the US Air Force. I worked with the F-15E Strike Eagle, F-22 Raptor and many new drone programs.